Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


3-5 Year Olds

This program continues to focus on developing your child’s coordination, balance, and physical fitness but also teaches children to respond positively to challenges. By practicing Jiu Jitsu techniques in a fun and interactive way, kids learn teamwork, respect for others, and sharing. Important skills, such as how to fall safely, are taught through fun activities.


10-14 Years Old

This program develops enhanced physical fitness, self-defense, and social skills. Along with more advanced Jiu Jitsu techniques, training is geared towards building confidence and positive habits in your child (widely viewed as critical building blocks to success in life). This class will help your child develop the strong foundation they need to succeed in life.


6-9 Year Olds

This program focuses on bully-proofing children. Your child will be taught how to defend themselves using both verbal and real-life Jiu Jitsu techniques. Jiu Jitsu techniques will help your child overcome bullies using leverage and control, instead of punching and kicking. This program will help build confidence, self-control, and patience in your child.


Parents and Kids

Parents are invited to attend classes with their child. It’s an excellent way to bond with you child and offer support and encouragement. And it’s fun too! There’s no charge for this program.




Discipline, Courage, Respect


Jiu Jitsu can help your child improve their discipline and self-control. Children are taught to focus on the instructor and concentrate on the lesson. Learning the techniques teaches your child patience and helps them remain calm and focused.

Training in Jiu Jitsu builds courage and character. It requires dedication and courage. As your child builds these qualities on the mat, they’re also building the foundation for success in life.

Children are taught to respect their instructor and opponent. A key aspect of martial arts is respect, and this is reinforced every day in class.