Our daughter received her Junior Black Belt in MMA in 2016 with a very reputable and distinguished academy in Conejo Valley, Unfortunately, they did not offer classes in her age group and at the skill level she needed.. She wanted to continue her marital arts career and decided upon one studio and that was Gracie Morumbi, Thousand Oaks. It has been one of the best choices we have made. Within a few short months we developed a bond with the studio and Coach Ale Dos Santos. He quickly became family to us. We were further blessed with meeting Professor Fabio and his lovely, yet extremely fit, wife Dini. (I highly recommend her kettle bells classes) In martial arts the amount of training is extensive and rigorous and you must find a studio that you believe in and trust your most valuable possession with, your child. We believe and would highly recommend this commendable studio. Their integrity and skill is heads above the rest. They will not hand out belts to those who don’t earn and deserve it. That I appreciate as I am not one to buy our Childs accomplishment, she must earn it. It was through the hard work, loyalty, dedication and perserveance that our daughter recently took home two world champion medals. Thank you to Gracie Morumbi for everything you have done for us. #familia para semipre

The Kievman Family

I’m very proud of Fabio... Not just as a teacher, as a fighter, but as a man, he’s an example for all of us.
— Professor Rickson Gracie

“I’ve been training for about a year and a half now... what I found was a really great group of people who are almost like a family”
— Mike, Thousand Oaks

“... Getting my blue belt was a huge accomplishment . With the help of everybody else here and the Professors I can see myself getting my black belt”
— Spencer, Thousand Oaks

“I’ve done martial arts my whole life... what makes it special at the Morumbi Academy is the people - there’s no egos”
— Frank, Ventura