Gracie Morumbi Weekly Video News

Check out this week's Gracie Morumbi Weekly Video News! Lot's of really cool things happening around the academy including our brand new Challenge Coins have arrived, the 5K Fun Run benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation is right around the corner, and lot's more! Also, next week is the Kids Halloween Party so get your Pumpkin carved with the Gracie Morumbi Lion and enter the Gracie Morumbi Annual Pumpkin contest. We'll also be having a really cool Costume Contest in Thousand Oaks and Ventura so let's see which costumes this year will win! New Hip-Hop Dance classes starting in Ventura November 1st so get your self ready for a great workout and for lot's of fun! Also the new Friends Join Up Spinning Wheel is here! So win cash, and other prizes today!