Jiu Jitsu and Anti-Aging for Women!

Carter and Lin Wealth Management and UBS Bank and Financial Services sponsored an Anti-Aging workshop Thursday night for Women. Invited guests included recent Dr.Oz TV show guest, Julieanna Hever, author of the Idiot's guide to Plant Based Diet, a speaker on stress management, as well as Professor Fabio Leopoldo and Professor Erik Klinger from Gracie Morumbi! Professor Fabio and Professor Erik were there to explain the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts for stress management, especially during the holidays, longevity, health, fitness and self defense for women. The professers gave a short Brazilian Jiu Jitsu presentation which included Julie Lin(Gracie Morumbi Thousand Oaks student)throwing Professor Erik around the room with several fundamental self defense techniques.