Huge Turn Out at Grand Opening in Camarillo!

Gracie Morumbi's Grand Opening Friday night, of our new Camarillo academy was a huge success! Friends, family, kids, and adults were all there to celebrate the arrival of Gracie Morumbi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camarillo! Wow!! This was another huge step for Professor Fabio Leopoldo and the Gracie Morumbi family in growing our great family now in the city of Camarillo! Martial Arts and Fitness are great ways for kids, and adults to improve themselves through living a healthy lifestyle while learning self defense skills at the same time. This is the purpose of Gracie Morumbi through our various programs for adults and children. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kettlebells, Kickboxing, Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts etc. Be sure to check out the new Camarillo academy! And thank you to everyone for coming out for the celebration!