New Belt promotions!

Ahmad Afzal received his blue belt this last week and he was very excited. This was a well deserved promotion as Ahmad has been training hard and consistently for a long time. His technique has been improving and for sure had reached new heights. Ahmad is one of the most dedicated students in Thousand Oaks, starting with Professor Raul in Moorpark over a year ago, and continuing here at Gracie Morumbi Thousand Oaks. "His Jiu Jitsu has been steadily improving, and this belt is well deserved", said Professor Raul. "He's doing great and always trains hard", said Professor Fabio. Congratulations Ahmad!

Nestor just got his Yellow/white belt! He was promoted at Gracie Morumbi Ventura and his belt is well deserved. Nestor has been training hard and helping the lower ranks during class."His Jiu Jitsu has improved a lot!", said Professor