Ninja Birthday Party for kids!

Gracie Morumbi was asked to make an appearance at a Ninja Birthday Party for a 6 year old in Thousand Oaks Friday. Gracie Morumbi ninjas were successful! Professor Erik, Jacob, and Desiree showed up and gave the kids a great show! Professor Erik went over some very important bully prevention techniques which can also be helpful in scaring bad ninjas away. The kids loved it! All the kids were in ninja costumes and had a blast as Jacob and Professor Erik demonstrated anti-bully throws and submissions from Gracie Jiu Jitsu. If you're interested in having Gracie Morumbi appear at your child's birthday party in Ventura or Thousand Oaks or the surrounding area or if you'd like Gracie Morumbi to host your child's birthday party at one of the academies, please contact us at