Happy Mother's Day!

A message from Professor Fabio on Mother's day...

Hi Everyone!
I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
I'm so grateful for all the things my mom has done for me and
for always being there for me. Without the great moms of the
world we really would not be where we are today.
I want to thank my wife Dini on her first Mother's Day for being
such a great mom as I knew she would be, for supporting me,
Gracie Morumbi, and our son Zion always! She's amazing!
Let's try and make mother's day not just today, but everyday! Let's try at least
to take a few moments throughout the year to remember one of our most
important asests, our amazing moms!
Great day for you and your Mom!
Professor Fabio
Gracie Morumbi