New MMA Class in Ventura with Prof.Fabio!

Are you looking for the best MMA class in Ventura? It's back! With Professor Fabio Leopoldo come to train in Mixed Martial Arts at a level that's right for you! MMA for Everyone is a class specifically developed by Prof.Fabio for Gracie Morumbi and is just the right class for beginners all the way to the Pros! Come out and get your strikes on as Professor Fabio teaches an upbeat, dynamic and fun class that teaches you what you need to know about this important aspect of today's Martial Arts world, MMA!!

MMA-in-Ventura-Thousand Oaks-Camarillo-Oxnard-Port Hueneme

This class is also coming soon to the other academies..that's right, MMA in Thousand Oaks! MMA in Camarillo! and MMA in Port Hueneme / Oxnard!!!