Closing a GREAT Year!

We held our belt promotion last Friday and it was a huge success! As many of you know, we typically have a belt promotion in each Academy (i.e. a promotion in Thousand Oaks and a promotion in Ventura). We changed things up for our latest belt promotion and students from both Academies attended a single promotion in Ventura. The energy was amazing - new faces, new training partners, and lots of excitement!

Congratulations to everyone who received a new belt and to everyone who showed up to support their training partners. 

Also, we have two new Professors! Coach Ale, whom many of you know - he's been doing an amazing job teaching here at the Academy, and Gordon, who's been training with us for close to 10 years. Be sure to congratulate both Professors when you see them next.

On Saturday following the belt promotion we held our Kids Super Training. It was awesome - tons of happy kids rolling around on the mat. After training we had games and food, and a good time was had by all.