IBJJF Orange County Open Tournament was a Success!

This past weekend was the IBJJF Orange County Open Tournament and Professor Hutch, Professor Ale, and I competed. There were lots competitors including some big time names, which made the atmosphere electric.


Professor Hutch had 3 unbelievably close matches - can you imagine a fight with no points awarded three times in a row? That's how close it was! He didn't win, but he did amazingly well, and really showed off his top level Jiu Jitsu.

Professor Ale competed for the first time as a black belt. He was in the Master Super Heavyweight division, and he took gold against the #1 ranked guy in the world! Wow!! Just an incredible result. Please congratulate Professor Ale when you see him next.

I competed in the Master Heavyweight division, and it was a special fight for me. My 5 year old son Zion was in my corner coaching me.

I'm not sure who was more excited - him watching, or me competing! I took the gold and Zion says it's because of the good advice he gave me :)

The Open division typically has the medal winners from the other divisions compete against each other. Professor Ale and I both made it to the finals... yes, the same finals. We were set to compete against each other! I was so proud of him for everything that he had accomplished that I just couldn't imagine us fighting each other. I conceded the match, and Professor Ale won the gold medal here as well.

All told, it was a special day for everyone.