Vote for Best of Ventura County 2019

Vote for Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy for Best of Ventura County 2019

Every year the Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy competes in a "Best of Ventura" contest.

We're aiming for a record 11 years in a row!

All of you are the reason we've been able to win this award year after year. This award is absolutely a Morumbi team award, and you're part of the team. You're a winner. Let's make sure everyone knows it!


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2. Fill out your name and email address, and click "Next".
3. Please support us by voting for these selections:

#19 Local Athlete - Fabio Leopoldo
#42 Martial Arts Instructor -
Fabio Leopoldo, Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy
#43 Martial Arts Studio -
Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy
#47 Personal Trainer -
Dini Leopoldo, Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy / Breaking Muscle

Morumbi Jiu Jitsu & Fitness Academy has been voted Best Martial Arts School in Ventura County for 10 years in a row...
With your support, we will make it 11! Thank you so much.

Fabio Leopoldo