Awarded Best Martial Arts School



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The Ventura County Reader’s Choice awards recognizes the best in Ventura County, California. Students from dozens of martial arts schools vote to select the best school and the best instructors. EVERY YEAR since 2009 we’ve been awarded the best martial arts school in Ventura County! And during that time our head instructor has won the Best Instructor Award x times!


The Morumbi Team


Professor Fabio Leopoldo

Our Founder and Head Instructor, Professor Fabio holds a fourth-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is a 4-time World Champion, a 6-time Pan American Champion, a 2-time Brazilian National champion, and a former professional MMA fighter.

Expert Instructors

To become great in any sport you need to start with great instructors. This is especially true in martial arts – what you learn as a beginner determines whether you’ll be safe and effective in the future. Our instructors are dedicated, well qualified men and women who are committed to your success.


Attention to detail


Love Where You Train

We have one of the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training facilities in the area, outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment. But it's really the people who make it special! From the instructors to the office staff, there's a whole team working to help you.

A Plan For Success

Our unique programs will help you succeed. You’ll learn Jiu Jitsu via a comprehensive and complete training program, starting with our safe and structured Fundamentals Program and progressing through our more advanced training modules.


Feel Safe & Secure


Be yourself. Have fun!

Your whole family can feel safe and secure training with us.


Champions in Life

We’re proud that some of our students and instructors have become Jiu Jitsu world champions. But we’re just as proud of those students who have applied the lessons they learned in Jiu Jitsu to become champions in life. To all of our students who excel in school, who support their families, and who compete every day – congratulations!


Our Philosophy

"With good intentions and hard work you can achieve anything"


At the Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy we believe that your training in Jiu Jitsu is a journey. You’ll need to overcome many obstacles. You’ll need training partners you feel comfortable with on and off the mat, and instructors who can help you learn things you didn't think were possible. You'll need people who support you, and who can help you develop your potential.

Ultimately, your journey is a personal one. You can do it. “With good intentions and hard work and determination, you can achieve anything”. That’s our motto. And that’s what we believe and live every day.